Festival of Slaps

Winner of Best British Film audience award at London Film Festival 2023. Nominated for Best British Short BIFA 2023.

An action packed tale straight from the palms of a Nigerian mother, who on one fateful night serves her son a set of slaps so powerful that it will change his life forever. FESTIVAL OF SLAPS explores the misconceptions of Pan African parenting and the clash of modern life.


Director: Abdou Cisse

Produced by: George Telfer & Cheri Darbon

Cast: Tom Moutchi, Josh Tedeku, Kemi Lofinmakin, Femi Ogunjobi, Isabella Sylvester, Ozioma Ihesiene, Tom Bonington, Landi Oshinowo, Tomi Ogunjobi


Watch in full on Omeleto on Youtube below

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