British-Somali teen Muna is desperate to go on the school trip – but her parents aren’t so sure. Tragedy strikes when her grandfather dies back in Somalia, and Muna must navigate a confusing mourning period for someone she never really knew – all while still hoping to persuade her mother to change her mind.

Directed by Warda Mohamed.

A BBC Film project produced by Monegram, Angie Moneke & Simon Hatton. Exec produced by Sabrina Elba & Kosar Ali.

Starring Kosar Ali, Elmi Rashid Elmi, Raha Isse Farah, Ahmed Nur, Meena Mohamed, Osman Omar.

Cast includes many brilliant first time actors.

Muna is in competition for Best British short at this years Raindance Film Festival. Also selected for Aesthetica Film Festival, Bolton Film Festival and Norwich Film Festival.


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